Attention – Pirats!

The artists on the island Alausebim will kidnap you during the BRN 2018 in a wonderful wonder world. Why? Read moreThe artists on the island Alausebim will kidnap you during the BRN 2018 in a wonderful wonder world. Why? Read more

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Do you know the island Alausebim ?

The world of art is a miracle and we, the artists on the island of Alausebim, will take you to this wonderful wonder world. Why? Quite simply: First of all, you should be able to marvel at it and, at the same time, relax and enjoy art on the artists‘ island. Because as you may already know, there is a colorful republic Neustadt (Bunte Republik Neustadt) in beautiful Dresden, with the common abbreviation BRN. Now you are wondering where you can swim in the colorful sea in the period from 15 June to 17 June 2018 and where you find the legendary island of Alausebim. For the rapid readers here is the video.

For the less fastes readers…

… there is the further text, so the text to the video. Of course you have to read it yourself. Admit it: deep in your heart down, you love to support us, the poor artists;). You do that because in reality you would like to be an artist yourself. An artist, a free spirit, a desperado of love, a pirate of the heart, without duties, without to be annoyed. Especially without the daily stuff. Because then there are only you and your friends, your artist friends, who are as full of ideas and imagination as we were all back then, when we were still children. Maybe you have a fantastic idea or you play an instrument or you want to disguise yourself or not? Or you just want to be yourself on these three days on the island and relax? Then get into your miracle boat on June 15 and sail to us on the island. All you have to do is become our fan. You can do that here as well: Please click on the picture now 🙂Alausebim Kuenstlerinsel bunte republik neustadt brn 2018

Alausebim, AlauSebIm, Alau-Seb-im?

The name Alausebim is also one of the essentials, the two street names Alaunstraße and Sebnitzer road. They are smart, the pirate art-ists. Name us the names, the names, the names !!!! Also good: The top pirates of the project are Thomas Schreiter and Stefan Grunwald. The bidden women give the names of the Bunte Republik Neustadt a sense again! Help these people, these artists. Now. Right now and right here with your voice as a fan and supporter. You, your friends and children are welcome in our island. Go on the treasure hunt, do not go via LOS, but via this LINK. Let yourself be surprised by gigantic installations, children’s stands, bright dancers, laughing people in a wonderful environment.

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