2018 | Artist Ranking Top 100

Top 100-The living and the dead

What does the artist ranking show us in the year 2018? A glimpse in the glass ball it betrays us. Regularly, as well as in the last year, the portal artfacts lists the top 100 of the most successful artists clearly. You’ll find the usual suspects underneath, so like almost every year. This has been going on for many years. Among the living artists this year is Gerhard Richter at the first position, immediately followed by the US artists Bruce Neumann and Cindy Shermann. After all is a woman at position three. Let us also look at the other artists of the top 100 in the year 2018.

This list is led by Andy Warhol, closely followed by Pablo Picasso. It is interesting to see that the Cuban-American artist Ana Mendieta ends up in place 40. It is of course undeniable that Gerhard Richter is ranked third in the overall ranking (living and deceased artists) in the year 2018. It’s a madness. The man is formally promoted to an icon of the 21st century. A complete century alone with his art! Who is missing completely is Egon Schiele, although he is highly traded.

Artist ranking and its significance

What is the significance of the artist ranking? For us as an artist, it is of course an Olympus that we will hardly achieve. You don’t have to try it either. First and foremost, the survey serves the collectors, the people who have real money to strike at art auctions. In the artist ranking you also see the development of an artist over many years. Some come surprisingly in the top 100, others disappear for a short time. At the top, however, little moves. The fact is that among the most sought after artists for a long time, these names have come to life:

The first 20 top artists in the artist ranking 2018

  1. Andy Warhol
  2. Pablo Picasso
  3. David Richter
  4. Bruce Neumann
  5. Joseph Beuys
  6. Cindy Sherman
  7. John Baldessari
  8. Sol LeWitt
  9. Lawrence Weiner
  10. Thomas Ruff
  11. Louise Bougeois
  12. Ed Ruscha
  13. Sigmar Polke
  14. Robert Rauschenbach
  15. Georg Baselitz
  16. Erwin Wurm
  17. Francis Alys
  18. Rosemary Trockel
  19. Chris Broodthaers
  20. Wolfgang Tillmans

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