Gallery and Artist – Apply in a Gallery

Allow me, artist my name ! Apply successfully in a gallery

is the title of a guide that we, in our capacity as a ToMA studio, would like to present to you, dear artists, colleagues and readers. The questions addressed are: How do I successfully apply for an exhibition as a visual artist? How can I present myself and my art in a way that is interesting for exhibitors or a gallery? The small guide is constantly being improved, the current IV. Edition has been published. The guide is available in our shop as an e-book or paperback. Also our IV. Edition costs only 6.92 euros as an e-book.


Excerpt from reader reviews of the 1st edition (primary question: application in a gallery)

U.B. wrote: Short and concise but concentrated and didactically very well prepared, the guide gets to the heart of the subject and can certainly compete with many a thicker book written on the subject. Based on five points, the topic "How to apply to a gallery owner" (in a gallery) is dealt with, which is all too often neglected by artists, is treated very stepmotherly in universities and then falls flat on its face when it comes to introducing oneself. Strategies for presenting oneself, for presenting one's work and for communicating are outlined in a comprehensible way. Frequently made mistakes are named and there is a small insight into the functions of the art market and the position of the artist in it. The various stages of professionalisation, from the hobbyist to the university graduate, are dealt with and reference is made to a realistic assessment of one's own stage of development. A very fine and useful treatise for artists and those who want to become one, and so it is up to them to read the guide, internalise what it says and finally apply it.

M.R. wrote: The guide is precise, coherent and it makes no false promises to those interested in exhibitions. It is a guide in a concise, absolutely helpful form. Thanks for this

Y.R. wrote: Well ... it was interesting to read ... reassuring!!!!! I think I didn't do anything wrong, except for mistake no. 7 ...I think it's well written (I like the slightly cynical undertone) Nice summary, certainly helpful for many and everything clearly brought to the point. It was fun to read, thx .

K.N. wrote: The guide is a great text. I will recommend it to others.

H.G.K. wrote: I liked the guide. Nice and clear structure and definitely helpful. One thing I have implemented directly.

R.R. wrote: I got along very well with the advice, it brought order and orientation into my preparations. Very beneficial for me as a (later) beginner who has no idea at all. How this will work out in practice remains to be seen, it takes time and is not very easy for me personally, as I haven't built up any relationships in this field for decades and first have to feel my way into it. But I have patience and a little joy will probably also await me. So, thank you again for helping me to give birth, and best regards.

U.G. wrote: Thank you for the guide....some valuable tips, glad to hear it.

M.G. wrote: Great instructions really go into detail without promising miracles. Very helpful.

Conclusion: Application in a gallery

Promoting properly in a gallery or for a high-quality exhibition are usually the very primary aspects for artists who want to achieve more. It was clear that this is not easy. The guide does not promise miracles and is therefore highly recommended.